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The Green Beauty Boxwood is our top choice for gardeners in areas with hot, humid and dry summers. It has proved to be much more resistant to those conditions than most other boxwood, while also growing well in all areas from zone 6 southwards. It grows rapidly � up to 12 inches in a year � into a dense mound about 5 feet tall and across. It can be kept smaller by clipping, and it grows into beautiful hedges between 1 and 4 feet tall. It also clips well into balls, broad cones, cubes and other rounded shapes. Grow it unclipped too and enjoy it as a naturally-dense green mound.
Top choice for heat, humidity and dryness
Vigorous mounded form
Rich green all summer, even in heat
Ideal for lower hedges and clipped balls
Very strong and vigorous growth
The ideal location for the Green Beauty Boxwood is partial shade, with morning or late afternoon sun, and light, dappled shade in the middle of the day. It will grow well in full sun and light full shade too. It grows easily in almost all soils, if they are well-drained. Enriching your soil with organic material and mulch with more in spring for superb growth. This variety is more resistant to pests and diseases than many others, and it normally remains completely healthy. Rabbits and deer usually don�t touch it.

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