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<p>The primary purpose of lime is to neutralize soil acidity by raising the pH balance. Neutral soil allows plants, grass, and flowers to flourish. If your soil is too acidic, then your lawn/garden will not flourish. Lime supplies the calcium and magnesium to grow healthy plants and grass. Additionally, lime enhances the effectiveness of expensive fertilizers. If your lawn/garden soil is not properly balanced, then you * are throwing your money away on fertilizer. Lime is environmentally safe, and 100% natural. *</p><ul> <li>OMRI listed for organic use</li> <li>Corrects soil pH neutralizes soil acidity</li> <li>Supplies calcium and magnesium to soil</li> <li>Fast acting</li> <li>For vegetable and flower gardens</li> <li>Works well on lawns</li> <li>Enhances fertilizer effectiveness</li></ul>

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