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"Rose Cl. Don Juan" is the name of a climbing rose cultivar that is known for its dark red, fragrant blooms. This variety was first introduced in 1958 by the American rose breeding company, Jackson & Perkins, and has since become a popular choice for gardeners looking to add a touch of elegance to their landscapes.
The Don Juan rose is a vigorous climber that can grow up to 3-4 meters tall and 2 meters wide, with glossy green foliage and long, thorny canes. It produces large, velvety, double blooms with a rich, deep red color and a strong, sweet fragrance. The flowers typically bloom in late spring or early summer and may continue to bloom sporadically throughout the season.
If you are interested in growing the Rose Cl. Don Juan, you may be able to purchase it from a local nursery or online plant retailer that carries Jackson & Perkins products. Keep in mind that climbing roses require support structures such as trellises, fences, or walls to climb on and thrive.

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