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Enjoy the ancient history and magnificent appearance of a Redwood in your home garden. This compact Dawn Redwood will give you year round beauty and eye-catching interest. Amber Glow� Redwood Tree is the perfect compact version of a Redwood tree that goes beautifully with many home gardens aesthetics.
Redwood trees are often too big to grow in a yard, but the Amber Glow Dawn allows you to enjoy the ancient history and beauty of a Redwood in a compact size. This deciduous tree is covered in needled golden foliage and gives an ornamental value in spring, summer, and fall!
Their bright green foliage has burgundy tips during the spring and summer for an eye-catching interest out of this world. This fast-growing, disease-resistant, highly-adaptable tree grows without much of a fuss.
Best suited for USDA hardiness zones 5-10, the Amber Dawn enjoys the bright sun and well-draining soil. These trees are tolerant of a wide variety of conditions though and can handle wet soils and drought better than most. Additionally, these trees can handle the full sun without burning.
When first planting your Amber Glow Dawn Redwood Tree, we recommend watering each week and applying a thick layer of mulch around the base to retain moisture. Height 15-20 ft, Width 7-10 ft.

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