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Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pine is a fast-growing tree that quickly develops into an attractive, pyramid-shaped specimen, with twisted, blue-green needles and large, decorative pine cones. Not only is it fast-growing, it is tough, resistant to pests and diseases, and drought resistant too, once established. It makes a lovely background plant, an interesting lawn specimen, or, planted in a row, a good screening plant. It is a native American tree, so it fits well into natural landscapes, and it is a very appropriate choice for planting among boulders and in gravel beds, which is similar to its natural habitat in the Rocky Mountains. It only grows 20 to 30 feet tall, so this is a great choice for a smaller garden, and it also fits well into Asian-themed gardens, with a similar appearance to traditional Japanese pine trees. It can even be grown as a large bonsai, and quickly develops a rugged appearance.


10 Gallon

Pinus flexilis ' Vanderwolf Pyramid ' Blue Pyramidal

SKU: 732726079786