"Did you know that you can muffle a noisy door latch with a rubber band? Use Press'n Seal as a makeshift bib? Defeat glitter with a ball of play dough? Every parent will find solutions in [this]...incredibly helpful book." - Parents Magazine "Just...genius." - Buzzfeed "Parent Hacks is the book that will literally change parents' lives." - Cool Mom Picks "Frugal. real advice--and often hilarious." - MommyPoppins "This is the perfect kind of parenting book: one you don't need to read from cover-to-cover while you're juggling your kid(s). but which you can turn to whenever you're in need." - BoingBoing.com "You'll definitely have some 'why didn't I think of that?' moments as you read this book." - GeekDad.com "A clever assortment of time-saving shortcuts and creative tricks." -New York Journal of Books "Genius parenting hacks." - CupofJo.com "...a hilarious (and handy!) collection of illustrated tips that literally any parent can use." - The Stir.com "Parent Hacks is so good that I may even have a few more kids." - Dave Pell. Nextdraft.com "Parent Hacks is the book we all need to be given the moment we see two blue lines. a plus or whatever positive sign your pregnancy test of choice indicates." - Austin American Statesman "This book is short and sweet but infinitely useful. Highly rmended. I also pledged to make the handy. adorably illustrated little volume my next go-to baby shower gift. because I found myself wishing I'd had it when my kids were little. " - Wichita Eagle Gender: unisex.


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