The Variegated Lily Turf has glossy green leaves striped with shiny white. It grows steadily to become a lively and interesting ground cover, in sun or shade, beneath your trees and shrubs. Plant it as an edging to your beds, under larger shrubs, as a replacement for a lawn, or in any spot where you need an attractive but low planting. Its narrow, striped leaves arch over in dense clumps that grow 12 to 18 inches tall. They spread out slowly to as much as 2 feet across. In late summer and fall spikes of rich purple-blue flowers rise above the leaves, looking beautiful and fresh. They compliment the colors of fall, adding richness and beauty to your garden. No matter what garden style you have, from natural to formal, or Asian to minimalist, this plant will fit in perfectly, complementing your planting, and covering bare earth.

  • Reliable ground-cover for shade or sun
  • Green leaves banded in white
  • Drought resistant, and thrives in heat and humidity
  • Grows in full sun, and partial or full shade too
  • Untroubled by deer, pests or diseases

Liriope Muscari Big Blue #1

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