"Jack Staub and Renny Reynolds embody all the traits that one sees in the very best gardeners--fearlessness. passion. and an indefatigable desire to create a very personal version of paradise. Hortulus Farm is set squarely and joyfully at the intersection of man and nature." --James Brayton Hall. president and CEO. The Garden Conservancy "Vision. tenacity. and a perfectionist's eye are the qualities that shine out from this account of a paradise garden created by one of America's foremost stylists. This is a thrilling and inspiring story." --Anna Pavord. author of The Curious Gardener and Landskipping "A fabulous adventure in armchair gardening--all of the pleasure and none of the backache!" --Jinny Blom. landscape gardener and author of The Thoughtful Gardener "Jack and Renny have set the stage for others to be inspired by their design excellence and story. Chasing Eden is not only a beautiful book; it will serve as a template for generations of future gardeners to create their very own Garden of Eden." --Paul B. Redman. president and CEO. Longwood Gardens "Gorgeous."--Antiques Gardens Birmingham "A true story that will make your heart sing and your thumb itch to begin planting...read this and reap the enthusiasm. and you'll be ready to chase your own Eden right from your backyard." --The News Tribune "Staub and Reynolds provide gardening inspiration. entertaining reading. and horticultural education in a title that a wide range of hobbyists. garden historians. and design professionals should enjoy." --Library Journal "A rich and thought-provoking exploration of the why and how of garden making that will interest anyone whose spirits soar with a good garden visit." --The Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries "The book's advice is generous. and it's authors put forth that it is meant for gardeners of any ability and gardens of any size." --Horticulture Gender: unisex.


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