Cats can be difficult to understand. They often seem secretive. aloof. and maddeningly independent. But they also earn deep love and devotion from millions of cat owners who cherish that incomparable feline spirit. For cat lovers everywhere. pet expert Arden Moore explores cat behavior in an inviting. browsable QandA format. She answers the questions that come up again and again among devoted cat owners. opening an intriguing window on the feline brain and physiology. How. for example. can a cat in deep sleep three rooms away from the kitchen come zooming in within seconds of the refrigerator door opening? It's not just instinct. Cats really do have amazing hearing. Their ears are perfectly designed to pick up more sound vibrations and at higher frequencies than either humans or even dogs. And what does it mean when a cat's tail swishes slowly from side to side? That cat is probably getting ready to pounce on a mouse?either a toy or the real thing. Tail swishing is part of the cat's predatory positioning. In addition to explaining why cats do what they do. Moore shows readers how to prevent many common feline problems. Her practical advice and workable solutions help cat owners work with their pets to banish bad litter box habits. nighttime howling. and destructive clawing. Even finicky eaters can be feline gourmands with a little gentle encouragement. There are hundreds of tiny quirks and kooky habits that make a cat a cat. This sturdy. fun-to-read handbook explains those catticisms and opens every cat lover's eyes to the complexity of feline behavior. To know them is to love them! Gender: unisex.


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