Water Gardening

Installing a water element requires several things: a container of some kind, a re-circulation pump, a filter, hosing, and a power source. Our Olney location has a large selection of all of these and the experts to help you on your way (Kensington has limited stock.)  
Stocking your water element with pond creatures is a large part of the enjoyment. Pond creatures add interest and help maintain the ecosystem balance. The Olney location carries an extensive variety of Koi, goldfish, snails, and tadpoles.
A water garden really wouldn’t be a garden if it didn’t have plants. There are many types of plants available for use in a garden pool. They’re divided into three major categories: emergent (also called marginals), submerged (oxygenators), and floaters. We have many varieties of them all. Do you want flowering plants or green plants? We have water hyacinth, water lettuce, water lilies, water lotus, water iris, and many others.
Maintaining your water feature is easier than you think. Whether you want to add an algaecide to keep the pond water clean or add mosquito dunks (organic and totally safe to use) to insure your water garden is free of pests, our staff will be happy to guide you to the right products and let you know what is needed and when it may be needed.
There are all kinds of beauty to contemplate and add. We look forward to helping you make those educated decisions.

Water adds an appealing element to a garden.Installing a water feature in your landscape can add enjoyment and beauty. This can be as small as a fountain on the deck or a stream or pond in the yard. A fountain on your porch or deck will give you the sounds and beauty of water by just filling with water and plugging it in - it’s that easy. We have many fountains, large and small, from which to choose.


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