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altThe choices are limitless - shade, sun, acid soil, alkaline soil, tall, short, flowering, green, deciduous, evergreen, fruit-bearing, deer-resistant, low maintenance, dwarf. At Johnsons Florist & Garden Centers we have them all and the experts to help you pick what will work best in your garden. Our trees and shrubs are purchased from local growers so we know that they will thrive in this area. We guarantee our trees, evergreens, and shrubs for two years from the date of purchase or three years with the purchase and use of Bumper Crop®, Root Master®, and Master Start® Fertilizer when planting.
Picking your plants can be a bit daunting. Check on the full-grown size. A common mistake is buying a plant that will become too large or too invasive in your garden. Remember that plants need upkeep. How much are you willing to do? Do you enjoy the Zen of watering? Great! We can recommend plants that love lots of water. Is your idea of maintenance to throw the occasional glass of water at the plant and hope? We will get you plants that will do well with less care.
Trees come in many shapes and sizes - from 4 feet tall to the mighty oaks that can reach 80 feet or more. If it’s shade you desire, plant a taller, denser tree. Trees like Dogwood or Redbud, both native to the DC area, would not be considered “shade trees” but will give you years of beauty. There are lots of choices with both deciduous and evergreen types of trees.alt
Shrub varieties are almost endless. Look at the leaf texture, the color of the foliage, the flowers and/or fruit when making your choice. There are shrubs that make a great hedge or specimen plants that should stand alone. 
altThe use of topiaries in the garden dates from the Roman times. Topiaries make unique focal points for yards and patios. Modern topiaries provide a look that can be festive or formal, depending on the shapes produced. Whimsical shapes include animals, cars, trains, even people.Front entryways, patios, wall space landscaping, smaller yards in condominium and single family dwellings are all candidates for topiary plants.                                                                                             
Come into our Washington, DC, Kensington, MD, or Olney, MD location with a long list of questions and ideas; bring the measurements of the area where you want to plant (a couple of photographs of the area from different angles would be ideal) and we will help you achieve a perfect garden.
Want to know how to plant your new tree, shrub, or topiary?  Click here for our step-by-step instructions.  We also have more information on a variety of topics about trees and shrubs on our "Tips and Info" page.





Johnson’s Florist & Garden Centers sells only the finest quality plant material available.

For any replacement/adjustment, the sales receipt and any plant material must accompany the guarantee received at the time of purchase.  This will be made one time only at a dollar amount equal to the original purchase price for two years from the time of purchase (three years with the purchase and use, when planting, of Bumper Crop®, Root Master®, and Master Start® fertilizer).

Adjustments are made based on the method of payment when purchased.  Should a Johnson’s credit be issued, it is good for any future purchase at any Johnson’s location.

GUARANTEE EXCLUSIONS: Annuals, perennials, houseplants, roses, living Christmas trees, plants placed in above ground containers.


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