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altAt Johnson’s we sell a full line of pots for transplanting your house plants or planting new and exciting annuals and perennials for your garden.
We offer a large selection of pottery from all over the world including plain and ornamental ceramic, plastic, and terra cotta pots that can be used inside or out. Our pottery includes high quality frost-resistant pots of all shapes and sizes. When you purchase frost resistant terracotta pots, flick the pot with your fingernail. A clay pot that strongly withholds frost will have a duller sound than a pot that is less frost resistant, which will make more of a "ting" sound.
Want the look without the weight?  Euracast® pots and planters are made from durable polyurethane foam and sealed with a protective ultraviolet finish.  Euracast's® unique insulating properties prevent freezing and protect plant roots.  Items will not leak or sweat, making Euracast® ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and it is so much easier to handle and has the look of terra cotta and cement.
There also is a large selection of beautiful baskets. We have wicker and bamboo, large and small, in natural colors as well as many other colors to go with your décor.
We have window boxes, brackets, macramé, and decorative plastic pots as well as plant stands of metal, wicker, and wood. All of our stores carry an extensive line of cement containers and statuary for a formal or fun look.   Want the sound of water either inside or out? We have fountains of every size and shape.
Whether you want a pot, statue, or fountain to complement your home, you will be able to find it at Johnson’s Florist and Garden Centers.


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