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Johnson’s Florist & Garden Centers carries a full line of garden supplies. We have the grass seed to make your lawn lush and full and highly recommend our line of Johnson’s grass seed for sunny, shady, and combination locations; vegetable seeds to make your table plentiful; flower seeds to make your garden beautiful; and seed starting supplies such as peat pots, grow lights, and starter medium. We also carry top soil; soil amendments such as Bumper Crop®, Leaf Gro®, and peat moss; Johnson’s Gardener’s Gold and commercial brand organic and non-organic potting soils; pine bark nugget mulch, cedar mulch, and Johnson’s shredded mulch; and a variety of stones.
There also are solutions for all your gardening problems. We stock a variety of organic and man-made products to feed your lawn and plants and control those pesky insects, diseases, and weeds. There are as many fertilizers as there are plants (well not quite) and many are specifically created for lawns, flowering plants, and acid loving plants.   We can make sure you get the right one for the job.

altOur in-store experts are glad to answer your gardening questions. There also is a full range of informational hand-outs; you can print many of them from our
“Tips and Info” page on this website.
Check us out - we are your one stop shopping for all your garden needs. 




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