Annuals and Perennials

Annuals - a plant living only one year or season.
Perennials - a plant having a life cycle lasting more than two years.
As your summer blooms begin to fade, add fall color to your garden.
Although delicate looking, pansies are hardy annuals whose flowers often have "faces." The pansy is quite durable and a flower for all seasons, offering colorful flowers from fall to spring. They have the widest range of colors and are good for containers, borders and groundcovers.
Along with pansies, mums and asters are the quintessential plants for fall, providing unique color for your fall garden. To get the most out of your mums and asters, buy early in the season when buds are tight and unopened. Both bloom from mid-September through late October and are great for containers, beds, and hanging baskets. When planted in the ground, mums and asters will come back year after year. Find more information here.
Ornamental cabbage and kale make a bold statement in the cool season garden. They look great in fall containers, and are successful in garden beds and large plantings. The make the perfect winter plant alongside pansies, as they are frost tolerant and their color intensifies as the weather gets cooler.



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